Shopping Guide

All our gold products are displayed in gram without price being tag on each of them since price follow the current gold prices.

However, you can roughly estimate the price of each item as follow:

Gold Jewelry Products

  • All our jewelry products are priced at current price with some craftmanship chargers
  • Hence all you need to do is just times the weight with the current¬† that can be found on the right hand side of the page and add the craftmanship charges as indicated at the product pages
  • Please note that none jewelry items is the same. Hence the items that finally delivered to you may vary slightly in terms of its weight even the design that you choose is the same
  • Our guiding price setting is based on the price set by the Federation of Goldsmiths and Jewellers Association of Malaysia (FGJAM) with some discounts depending on the current market price.
  • Once you are ok with the rough estimate, you can contact us for final pricing as we do give discount from time to time

Gold Investment Product (Gold Bar, Bunga Mas & Dinar)

  • All gold investment product follow the current Public Gold price which can be found at the right hand side of the page
  • Alternatively you can also find the Public Gold price list here:¬†
  • Please note that transportation cost applies for all PG product except Dinar Gold. This cost is chargable by PG to transport the product from factory in Penang to the collecting branch.
  • You can either buy the product by placing order or buy directly from Public Gold website
  • However, if you wish to buy directly from Public Gold you need to have an introducer
  • Our dealer ID is PG038453 and you can key in this ID when first doing the registration
  • Since Public Gold branches are not available everywhere, you can buy through us and we will do collection and deliver to you without any further delivery charges



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